Moroccan Tea Time

Moroccan Tea Time

Like many cultures, tea is an import part of leisure time in Moroccan culture. If you were ever a guest in someone’s house in Morocco, it is pretty much guaranteed that you were served tea along with some small cookies or nuts and fruit. In morocco, tea is always served hot, in a special Moroccan teapot, and usually with mint leaves. The tea is also served in a special way, as presentation is quite important.

Moroccans have their own special type of tea pots. These Moroccan teapots are handmade from brass or copper and are meant for serving tea, not cooking it. The teapots are so beautiful because you can see the uniqueness in each teapot with the hand etched engravings and designs. Since the tea is served when it is steaming hot, the teapot usually has a decorative teapot handle cover so you don’t burn your hand when serving tea. When the tea is served, people usually like to hold the teapot high and pour it into the small Moroccan tea cups to creating a frothy bubbly texture.  

The tea glasses themselves are also an important part of the tea serving practice. Moroccan styled tea glasses are small. They are almost always decorated with beautiful arabesque designs, like the Moroccan tea pot.

Moroccans have many different types of tea; however Moroccan Mint tea is the most common and famous type of tea. It’s a delicious hot tea that is very minty! It’s a lot more minty than people expect, which is great for mint lovers! I honestly think it’s great. The tea itself has mint leaves in it that are placed in the Moroccan teapot, so its extremely fresh. I think everyone needs to try Moroccan Mint tea at least once in their life.

All of these items come together in one beautiful scene and the thing to bring it all together is the Moroccan Brass Tray that it is served on. Now this is one beautiful sight. These brass or copper trays are either gold, silver or copper in color and man oh man are they pretty. The designs are all hand engraved onto them so it’s actually a beautiful piece of artwork that you can use! And a Moroccan teapot in the center of it looks fabulous.  They come in many different sizes so you can find one big enough or small enough for your liking.  


Tea in Morocco is typically served black, with sugar and with sides or nuts and fruits. Sugar is placed in a canister that matches the rest of the tea set. These sugar bowls can be made from brass or copper. The canisters are a beautiful addition to the set because they are also handmade with similar designs to the Moroccan teapot and the rest of the set. And they are not just meant for sugar, it isn’t uncommon to put small snacks like nuts In the canisters for your guests to munch on as well.

Overall, tea time is a time for people to come together, talk about their day and just relax. It is an important part of Moroccan cultures and it usually takes place after dinner or lunch and is a great time to enjoy with friends and family. 

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