• BeldiNest Rustic Chess Set

    Handcrafted from Olive Wood

  • Cutting Board

    Handcrafted from 100% olivewood

  • Hand Engraved Coppor Teapots

  • Morocan Poufs

  • Olive Wood

    Utensil Holder and Five Tools

Our Popular Collections

Olive Wood Kitchenware

We offer a large collection of stunning and gorgeous olive wood kitchen cookware and décor. From wooden chess sets to wooden serving bowls you will find something perfect for your home.

Moroccan Pouf & Ottoman

 A pouf from BeldiNest is not only a beautiful piece of furniture but it is also a piece of Moroccan culture. We use 100% natural goat hide for making our poufs.

Copper Kitchenware

We carry different types of brass and copper products from Moroccan brass trays, to Moroccan teapots, and copper canisters. 



    How to Use a Pouf Pouf, ottoman, cushion, whatever you may call them. They are the most versatile piece of furniture you could own. Whether they are cylindrical, cube-shaped or...

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  • Ways to Decorate with Moroccan Decor

    If you’re looking for a new and unique way to decorate your room, incorporating Moroccan décor can really make a huge a difference. Using Moroccan décor will add an exotic...

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  • The Golden Room

    Many people love our golden Moroccan poufs. The metallic shine and beautiful stitching just make it a beautiful work of art. But where does a metallic gold pouf fit? What...

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  • Coming Soon

    Moroccan Thuya Burl Wood

  • Coming Soon!

    BeldiNest Moroccan Thuya Burl Wood

  • Coming Soon

    BeldiNest Moroccan Thuya Burl Wood