BeldiNest Olive Wood Sushi Tray Set | Sushi Serving Board


  • Product Description

      This elegant BeldiNest Sushi Tray is a perfect way to serve and eat your favorite sushi rolls. It comes with a pair of olive wood chopsticks, and three olive wood bowls for your favorite sauces and dips. The olive wood sushi board sits upon four rustic olive wood legs. The BeldiNest sushi board is a perfect showpiece as it encapsulates an authentic and outdoor aura. The sushi tray, chopsticks, and bowls are all handmade from 100% olive wood and are finished with olive oil. It’s a great gift for any sushi lover and can double as a centerpiece or kitchen décor due to the beauty of the olive wood. 

      The Set Includes: Set of three nested bowls, Sushi board, Chopsticks, Chopstick holder

      Approximate Dimension

      Set of three nested bowls 

      • Small diameter: 2.3 in
      • Medium diameter: 2.9 in
      • Large diameter: 3.4 in


      Sushi board

      • Length: 11 in
      • Width: 8.75 in
      • Thickness: 0.875 in
      • Total height: 2.5 in


      • Length: 9.1 in

      Chopstick holder

      • Length: 1.875 in
      • Width: 0.56 in
      • Side Height: 0.5 in
      • Middle height: 0.375 in


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