Wooden Mortar and Pestle | Olive Wood

Wooden mortar and pestles are used in all around the world. The mortar is a bowl-shaped container used for holding herbs, spices, or foods, and the pestle is a bat shaped tool used to crush whatever is put into the wooden mortar. To use the olive wood mortar and pestle, place the item that you want to be ground into the wooden mortar. Then, with the pestle, apply a downward pressure onto the substance, and grind in a circular motion. By using the wooden mortar and pestle this way, the substance is ground up against the bowl. Continue to do this until you reach the desired fineness. The olive wood mortar and pestle will allow you to release the flavors and essences of the substances that you are grinding. This makes for a more enhanced and flavorful product than you will ever produce with a food processor.