The Golden Room

The Golden Room

Many people love our golden Moroccan poufs. The metallic shine and beautiful stitching just make it a beautiful work of art. But where does a metallic gold pouf fit? What room could possibly match with a shiny gold pouf? Well here are 5 setups that work AMAZING with BeldiNests gold Moroccan Poufs.


Subtleness is key with gold. For ages gold has been an accessory, and to this day it is still important to use it in small amounts. Notice the light brown and few gold accents in this room. These colors compliment the pouf quite well. And the amount of lighting is important too. It’s best to have a room with a lot of lighting to get the most out of your metallic pouf. The overall white color is one of the best choices for the pouf because it adds to the brightness of the room, which is a key factor.

 In this setup, you’ll notice a few similar things. One of the first things you’ll notice is the large window in the center of room. Again, to contribute to the lighting in the room to get a reflective quality from the pouf. Also, the complementary colors used are beige. Beige is a great choice to go with the gold pouf, such as the light brown used in the previous room. And again, the white color of the room is important as well to contribute to the brightness. Look how beautiful that Moroccan pouf looks in this setup!

 Subtleness, subtleness, subtleness! A little bit goes a long way with gold. In this setup, it’s just the pouf and the wall décor that displays the golden colors. And it looks amazing! But you’ll also notice an important ongoing theme here. It’s the large amount of lighting. Without the large amount of lighting the room would be much duller and the pouf would not pop as much. The white color is also an important on-going feature. This person decided to incorporate a white seat, dresser, and carpet as well. The golden Moroccan pouf is being used a footrest in this setup. What a beautiful room!

 This is a beautiful bedroom setup with the Moroccan gold pouf. As you can see from the reflection the side of the pouf, there is adequate lighting here. And the colors of the room are all bright. It doesn’t always have to be white! And one of the key ingredients for making the Moroccan pouf look great: subtleness. I love the gold accents on the drawers and the beautiful golden mirror, and that’s honestly all you need in order for your room to come together.

 The golden Moroccan pouf will always look great in a room with hardwood flooring. The hardwood floors contribute to the reflectiveness of the room. Also, the pouf is placed near a large window, so the lighting really makes it pop. Also, the color of the wall in this room is a cream-ish yellow color and it goes great with the rest of the décor. The chair used in this setup also has a gold like perimeter and handles and legs. All of these things bring the room together and create a wonderful look!

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