About BeldiNest™

Welcome to BeldiNest™ the Home of Traditional Handmade Items! Here at BeldiNest, we work very closely with all of our workshops located in the Berber region to bring you the best traditional handmade items from North Africa.

In Marrakesh Morocco we have a workshop specialized in leather goods. We specialize in produce leather poufs and bags. We have a very talented and experienced team that works together to individually craft each product by hand. One person specializes in buying the highest quality leather and examining each piece before crafting. The leather is then passed onto the stage in which it is dyed and treated.  Designs are taken from our designer and drawn onto the leather to be cut and put together.  The top of each pouf features beautiful embroidery done professionally by our team of qualified embroiderers. 

In Sfax Tunisia, we work closely with our shop of professional woodworkers to bring you the most beautiful and high-quality olive wood products. Tunisia is a country full of beautiful olive trees and the wood of those trees is absolutely gorgeous. We work closely with wood carvers to give them our special design, and they skillfully craft wonderful works of art. Once the olive tree becomes nonproductive, they are harvested and replaced. This is when we take the trees and dry the wood in the sun for a year. The tree is then cut into usable pieces that are then given to our workshop to be carved.

 In Gabes Tunisia, our Kilim Workshop makes magnificent Kilim rugs, pillows, and much more. We have a special team of people that work together to weave these wonderful breathtaking rugs. Our weaving team also travels around the country to track down Vintage Kilims. Each Vintage Kilim we find has its own story that increases its uniqueness. A Vintage piece of kilim is a piece of history and that increases its value


BeldiNest Team