Olive Wood Coasters

Handcrafted Olive Wood Coasters

Coasters are such a handy tool to have in your home. Why not make them useful and beautiful? Our olive wood coasters add that touch of beauty to whichever table you decide to use them on. Our olive wood coasters are 100% handmade in Tunisia, and we use nothing to treat the wood besides olive oil. We offer a variety of different types of coaster sets, ranging from sets of 8 to 6. One of our most popular sets is our olive wood rustic coaster set. This set comes with a holder that is completely covered in tree bark. It closely resembles a tree stump! Our olive wood coasters are great for the outdoorsy, or those who just love that wooden look. Our olive wood is heat resistant, so don’t hesitate to put your hot coffee mug down on one of them. If you ever need to wash your olive wood coasters, do not place them in the dishwasher, rather just hand wash with warm soapy water and hand dry. To maintain the natural luster of the olive wood, be sure to regularly oil your olive wood coasters. This will keep them looking bright and beautiful.