Moroccan Teapots


Here at BeldiNest we offer a variety of different types of Moroccan teapots. Made from brass and or coper, they are great for serving tea and impressing your guests. Our Moroccan teapots are all handmade by the most skilled craftsmen. They all feature intricate hand carved designs into each brass teapot. These Moroccan teapots are typically used for serving tea. Our brass Moroccan teapots match great with our brass trays and copper coasters. They are designed as serving teapots. In places like Morocco and Tunisia, tea is an important staple in everyday living. It is not uncommon for people to bring out a large tray of hot tea and crackers or nuts in the evening as a desert during gatherings. Hot tea is typically served in a decorative tea kettle like ours, and with small tea glasses like our BeldiNest Tea Glasses.