Handmade Turkish Double Boiler Conic Tin Plated Copper Teapot


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      This handmade engraved conic teapot is a priceless piece of art meant to last for generations. It is made of heavy gauge 1mm thick solid copper and plated with tin on the outside to give the silver color. It also has a food-safe lining of tin on the inside for durability and ease of cleaning. The brown handle over the top is made of walnut wood and features two diamond-shaped mother-of-pearl inlays on the large teapot and one on the small. Both are surrounded by a gold lining. Artisans tap chisels into the copper to form the beautiful traditional Turkish patterns on the body. The two teapots are stacked upon one another for the traditional Turkish Tea. This method of brewing the tea can be referred to as the “double boiler” method and is Tea is traditionally made in Turkey. Water is filled in the bottom (larger) tea kettle and loose tea leaves are placed in the top tea kettle while they are stacked on top of one another. The water boils in the bottom tea kettle as it sits on a low flame. Some of the boiling water is then poured into the top kettle where the tea leaves are and can rest for up to 10 minutes. The tea in the top kettle is quite strong, so when serving, people usually add some more hot water from the bottom kettle into their glass as well. This can be modified according to personal taste. The Turkish double boiler teapots are a perfect tool to make a tea that is just right and perfect the art of crafting the perfect cup.


      Large 6.35 CUP

      • Heavy gauge 1mm thick
      • Capacity: 51 FL oz (6.35 cups)
      • Weight: 2.2 lbs.
      • The diameter of opening: 4.4 in.
      • The diameter of the largest part of the bowl: 7in.
      • Height without lid: 4.8 in.
      • Height with lid: 6.8 in

      Small 3.2 CUP

      • Heavy gauge 1mm thick
      • Capacity: 25 FL oz (3.2 cups)
      • Weight: 1.7 lbs.
      • The diameter of opening: 3.7 in.
      • The diameter of the largest part of bowl: 5.3 in.
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