Rustic Red Olive Wood Chess Set- Luxury Edition


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      This red luxury handcrafted olive wood chess board has beautiful pieces perfect for your next chess match. This olive wood chess set is made from solid pieces of durable and dense olive wood. Beautiful and unique grains can be found in each wooden chess board this special luxury edition is our red version, which also includes larger drawer space, rustic legs, and a rustic drawer knob. All wooden chess sets come from wood that has been aged and treated with olive oil. This wooden chess set is never made using bleach, dyes, or chemicals. This one-of-a-kind chess set game is beautifully detailed and never fails to make an excellent display or decorative centerpiece. It also makes a perfect gift! Please note: Due to each item being handcrafted, the grain on the olive wood might be slightly different; each item is a unique piece of art.


      • Handcrafted by the most skilled artisans in the Mediterranean
      • Chess Play Area: 8"x 8"
      • Size of Pieces (Diameter- 11/16", Pawn Height- 1", Rook Height- 1 1/8", Bishop Height- 1 3/4", Knight Height- 1 1/4", King Height- 2 1/4", Queen Height- 2 1/8")
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