BeldiNest Olive Wood Mortar and Pestle Set, Perfect for Guacamole, Salsa, Herb Crusher, Grind and Crush Spices and Nuts to Release Flavor Create an Array of Dips, Marinades - 3" to 5"


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       This wooden pestle and mortar is a great kitchen utensil that you can use for many different things. Grind whole spices into powders, and smash delicate herbs such as dill weed, cilantro, thyme, chives, basil, parsley, and oregano. Create an array of dips, and marinades, make the curry paste and pesto and crush garlic easily. This beautiful wooden pestle and mortar are 100% handmade from olive wood and completely handcrafted.

      • BeldiNest olive wood mortar and pestle crush nuts, pound garlic into a paste, smash ginger or chiles to infuse flavor, or grind whole spices into powders. This wooden pestle and mortar can smash delicate herbs such as dill weed, cilantro, thyme, chives, basil, parsley, and Oregano, also create an array of dips, marinades, and spice mixes, and enjoy the aromas they release in the process.
      • FOOD SAFE 100% natural olive wood, eco-friendly; we finish the wood with only vegetable oil or olive oil; easy to care for, modern, functional, and comfortable.
      • 【RAVISHING DESIGN & AMAZING GRAIN – Comfortable design with stunning grain patterns. Olive Wood Grain varies by year, and the growing conditions make these handmade wooden spoons unique.
      • EXCELLENT KITCHEN GIFT - Olive wood Mortar and Pestle is a Perfect Gift; this mortar and pestle makes the perfect year-round gift for anyone who enjoys cooking wife, husband, girlfriend, mom, or grandma for holidays, Christmas, father's day, mother's day birthdays, housewarming, and other important days; it beautifully designed stunning grain patterns so that it can be displayed on any countertop and added to the décor of the kitchen
      • CARE- Rinse both pieces in warm water. Using a diluted dish liquid and warm water solution, wipe the mortar and pestle with the soft side of a sponge and Dry your Pestle and mortar using a clean towel and remove as much water as you possibly can; oil your olivewood to maintain its natural luster of the olive wood.


      Outer Diameter (OD) 5 inches
      Inner Diameter (ID) 3.5 inches
      Height: 3.5 inches
      Depth: 3 inches
      Pestle length: 6.0 inches


      Outer Diameter (OD) 4.5 inches
      Inner Diameter (ID) 2.5 inches
      Height: 3.0 inches
      Depth: 2.25.0 inches
      Pestle length: 5.0 inches


      Outer Diameter (OD) 3 inches
      Inner Diameter (ID) 2.0 inches
      Height: 2.0 inches
      Depth: 1.5 inches
      Pestle length: 4.5 inches

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