Hand Chiseled Arabesque Copper Pitcher


  • Product Description

      This handmade engraved copper pitcher is a priceless piece of art meant to last for generations. It is made of heavy gauge, 1mm thick solid copper. The inside has a food-safe lining of tin for durability and ease of cleaning, and the outside is plated with tin to give off the silver color. The pitcher features a uniquely shaped golden handle made of brass. It also has a lid covering the top while pouring, with its golden brass handle. Artisans tap chisels into the pitcher to form the beautiful arabesque pattern shown.


      • - Heavy gauge 1 mm thick

      • - Capacity: 64 FL oz. (8 cups)

      • - Weight: 2.1 lbs.

      • - Diameter of opening:4.4 in.

      • - Diameter of base: 5.2 in.

      • - Height 10.5 in.

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