Olive Wood Risotto Spoon


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      This olive wood risotto spoon is a beautiful addition to any kitchen. Being made from olive wood, this risotto spoon features beautiful olive wood grains. It is also completely handmade, so each spoon is a special work of art. The risotto spoon has large hole right in the center of it. This is for a few reasons. One reason is to reduce harshness of stirring soft foods (like risotto rice), with the hole you can stir the rice with our smashing any rice in the process. Another reason for the hole in the risotto spoon is to make stirring liquids much easier. Since the liquid can flow right through the center of the spoon, there is less resistance which many people prefer. Also, the risotto spoon can be used to lift cooked vegetables out of a broth for example, and act as a strainer. When it comes time to wash your olive wood risotto spoon, hand wash with warm soapy water. Do not put in the dishwasher. Also, be sure to regularly oil your olive wood spoons to retain the natural shine of the olive wood. 

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