Rustic Olive Wood Chess Set- Small


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      This olive wood chess set is a beautiful and fun piece to have in your home. This smaller sized chess set is a great piece to have not only for playing chess but as a wonderful piece of home décor as well.  This olive wood chess set features beautiful rustic edges, meaning that real olive tree bark decorates all of the edges giving a nice classic feel to it. The chess se does include all of the pieces that you need to play. It also features two drawers on opposite sides for storing the pieces. 

      Made from 100% Olive Wood
      Hand wash only
      Be sure to regularly oil your olive wood to restore its original luster
      * Chess PLAY AREA: 15 cm = 6"
      * Weight:1.5kg = 3 lbs
      * High: 8 cm = 3"
      * Long: 28cm= 11"
      * Wide: 28cm = 11"

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