BeldiNest Handcrafted Olive Wood Rustic Cutting Board Chopping Boards, Wooden Board


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      This olive wood cutting board is the perfect addition to your kitchen. Handcrafted out of sturdy and durable olive wood, this cutting board is sure to last you through countless recipes. The unique shape of the wooden cutting board makes for an elegant design and features a handle for convenient carrying. The cutting board also has a juice catcher, which is handy for cutting meats and juicy fruits and vegetables. The juice catcher grooves collect all the liquids leaving your countertop clean as can be. This olive wood cutting board has many different uses. It's perfect for cutting meats for a variety of reasons. In a world where people are beginning to season their cutting boards for steaks and other meats, the olive wood cutting board would be a perfect chopping block to do that for. The juice catcher catches and blood, oil, or grease from the meats, and works well with juicy fruits and vegetables like tomatoes leaving your kitchen counter clean as can be. You can cut anything you need for your favorite recipes on this BeldiNest olive wood cutting board.

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