Moroccan Wool Blanket: Hand-Woven, Off-White with Stripes - 118"x78


Stripe Colores
  • Product Description

      This Blanket is white wool with a colored stripe, featuring a row of pom poms along each end.
      This lovely, large blanket will perfectly fit a queen-sized bed, a timeless piece, and a must for the textile lover.
      These beautiful Berber blankets are handwoven on traditional wooden pedal looms by skilled artisans and loomed by hand using the most excellent quality organic wool

      Material: Wool
      Size: 118"x78"
      Style: Marrakech Dreams

      • High Quality:
      Using the most excellent quality Wool and quality materials and attention to detail, we ensure your blanket has a long lifetime
      and yet amazingly warm.
      • Styling :
      Stunning as a coverlet, folded at the base of a bed or luxuriously draped over a duvet, or as a throw on a sofa, adding a warm touch to your interior decor
      • Gift Idea:
      Stunning and perfect highly authentic gift for a wedding, housewarming, birthday, mothers day


      • Wash separately
      • Dry Clean
      • Tumble dry on low heat
      • Wash inside a duvet cover to maintain pom poms
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