Berber Rugs


Genuine Hand knotted Berber Rugs from the Berber region 100% Wool

 Berber Rugs are not just a piece of decorative furniture in the eye of the Berber people. It is a symbolic piece of storytelling that the Berber women who craft these majestic artworks deeply cherish. Many Berber carpets exhibit shifts in patterns, design, and weave format which could portray many things from a change in events in their life, an impulsive creative expression, or it could even mark the spot where a different weaver took on the task of that carpet. These Berber rugs are not made in a couple hours in an industrial setting. It is a huge effort that can take many days, even weeks to finish by a team of many people. It is in the Berber tradition that a lot of people believe that these rugs themselves contain a spirit within them that was sourced from the artists who weaved the rug, or even from the once sentient source of the wool. Many times, the final image of the rug is not revealed (even to the artist herself) until the rug is completely finished. Once the rug is completed, it is considered a prized possession of the family, and home.