Moroccan Leather Pouf- White Flower at BeldiNest


• Handcrafted Moroccan Leather Pouf
• Color: White Flower
• Premium Grade Leather
• Hand Embroidered with Silk
• Dimensions: 14 inches high x 20 inches in diameter
• Please allow for slight variations in color and stitching because each item is handmade

White Flower Moroccan Pouf: Leather Ottoman

Moroccan poufs are beautiful leather ottomans that can be used around the house for many different things. These lovely poufs (also go by the name hassock) can be used as foot rests, seats, small tables, or just as home décor. They come in a variety of colors and are all handmade and dyed using the same traditions that remained unchanged for centuries. Each ottoman comes stuffed with a cotton/polyester blend. The top of every poof features beautiful hand embroidered designs. Every pouf is completely handcrafted by skilled artisans. Please allow for slight variations in color and stitching patterns because each ottoman is hand crafted. 

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