BLue Kilim Rug - Made to Order


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      Each and every kilim rug offered here at kilim center is hand-woven by me and my family using pure-wool. The traditional methods used by my family and I were passed down to us from the previous generation. Kilim rugs are absolutely beautiful and go with almost any style of room. We hope that you enjoy all the uniquely beautiful weavings that you find here at Kilim Center. Materials and tools used to make these magnificent works of art are not many. What is used includes a loom, a beating comb, a shuttle (these are sometimes used) and scissors or a knife. But of course the main ingredient is wool! Occasionally small trinkets such as decorative Gold or silver thread, beads, and other small baubles inserted into the design.
      This particular blue kilim rug
      Features two horizontal stripes throughout the center of the rug. Around these stripes are dark blue triangles and diamonds. This lovely bright multi colored rug would create the perfect cheerful setting in any room!


      • Ref: 8938 Blue Kilim
      • Woven by hand by artisans in Tunisia
      • 100% Natural Wool
      • Natural organic Color
      • Hand made Hand Woven Rug Hand loomed Kilim
      • Color of wool used: Blue, Beige, Black, Pink

      Proximate Dimensions:

      • Length: 2.50 m /8.5 ft
      • Width: 1.6 m/ 5.25 ft
      • Weight: 7800 g /17.2 lb
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