Large Beige Kilim Rug - Made to Order


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      Each and every kilim rug offered here at Beldinest™ is hand-woven using pure 100% natural wool and natural color. These Moroccan rugs are absolutely beautiful and go with almost any style of room. These area rugs go perfectly under tables, in hallways, or as a center piece of a room. 

      This particular beige kilim rug features multicolored pattern that contain 21 different lines of shapes throughout the entire rug. The rug displays unique cultural symbols and geometric shapes of matching color. This lovely bright colored rug would create the perfect cheerful setting in any room!  
      Ready to ship in 4 weeks

      • 100% Natural Wool
      • Hand made Hand Woven Rug Hand loomed Kilim 
      • Color of wool used: Dark Brown/ Beige, Grey, Black, Sky Blue
      •  Approx Dimensions : 
      •  Length:  2m /6.56 ft
      • Width:  1.24 m/ 4.05 ft
      • Weight : 4.4 Kg / 9.7lb
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