Grey Berber Kilim Moroccan Wool Rug - Hand Knotted


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      Each and every wool kilim rug offered here at Beldinest™ is hand-woven using pure 100% natural wool and natural color. These Moroccan rugs are absolutely beautiful and go with almost any style of room. Our kilim carpets go perfectly under tables, in hallways, or as a centerpiece of a room. Each Moroccan rug is made of 100% wool. This Moroccan kilim rug is charcoal color and features a fairly simple design of stripes and diamonds. This wool Moroccan kilim carpet is a great piece to decorate your home whether you are looking to achieve a modern, or traditional look. Each end is also decorated with tassels to add to the overall look of the carpet.

      Size: 5'x6'7" -- (59"x78.7") (1.5mx2m)
      Material: 100% Wool
      Style: Hand Knotted
      Colors: Grey, Black, Off-White

      Lead Time:  4 Weeks


      To hand clean a kilim rug, sweep both sides of the rug to remove loose debris. Once the surface dirt is gone, use a scrub brush to apply a mixture of carpet shampoo, warm water, and vinegar. Move the brush over the carpet, using gentle, vertical strokes. Then, go over the rug again using horizontal strokes.

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