Wooden Pierced Spatula


• Made from 100% Olive Wood
• Hand wash only
• Be sure to regularly oil your olive wood to restore its original luster
• Please allow for slight variations on size, color, and wood grains due to each item being handcrafted
• Size: 12 inches

Olive Wood Spatula: Pierced Olive Wood Spatula

This olive wood spatula is a wonderful kitchen utensil for any home. It is completely handcrafted from pure olive wood. Each olive wood spatula features beautiful intricate olive wood grains that people love. This wooden spatula is pierced with holes. This type of spatula is great for cooking things like scrambled eggs. The olive wood is heat resistant and the wooden spatula is treated with nothing but olive oil making it completely food safe. To wash your wooden spatula, hand wash with warm soapy water. Do not put in the dishwasher. Be sure to regularly oil your olive wood to retain the natural luster of the wood. 

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