12" Moroccan Silver Plated Brass Tray


A Silver plated brass platter like this one, makes a beautiful decorative centerpiece. The authentic Silver tray is decorated with hand chiseled patters across it, the ottoman tray makes for great décor, unique gift, or for use as a serving platter.

Authentic handcrafted serving silver platted brass tray
Hand engraved and carved brass tray
Color : silver platted brass
Dimension in diameter: 12 inches
Hand wash only no dishwasher

12" Moroccan Silver Plated Brass Tray Tea Serving Hand Engraved and Carved Brass Tray

There are many uses for the elegant silver plated brass trays at Beldinest. They are wonderful multipurpose pieces of home décor. They serve many purposes from table or wall décor, or as serving trays. Each brass serving tray is 12” in diameter and is hand chiseled. It fits greatly on top of a pouf to be used as an ottoman platter. Every intricate design is hand carved with patience and precision. Owning a traditional Moroccan inspired brass platter like this one is like owning a unique piece of art.

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