Moroccan Red Kilim Rug 100% Wool


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      Every wool kilim rug offered here at Beldinest™ is hand-woven using pure 100% natural wool and natural color. These Moroccan rugs are beautiful and go with almost any style of a room. Our kilim carpets go perfectly under tables, in hallways, or as a centerpiece of a room. Each Moroccan rug is made of 100% wool. This red kilim rug features the very popular diamond and triangle design throughout the entire rug. The center of the rug displays unique cultural symbols and geometric shapes of matching color. This lovely bright colored rug would create the perfect cheerful setting in any room!

      Size: 5'x6'7" -- (59"x78.7") (1.5mx2m)
      Material: 100% Wool
      Style: Hand Knotted
      Colors: White Wool, Red, Navy Blue, Beige, Grey

      Lead Time:  10 Business days


      To hand clean a kilim rug, sweep both sides of the rug to remove loose debris. Once the surface dirt is gone, use a scrub brush to apply a mixture of carpet shampoo, warm water, and vinegar. Move the brush over the carpet, using gentle, vertical strokes. Then, go over the rug again using horizontal strokes.

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