Round Copper Engraved Turkish Teapot


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      This handmade engraved round teapot is a priceless piece of art meant to last for generations. It is made of heavy gauge 1mm thick solid copper with a food-safe lining of tin on the inside for durability and ease of cleaning. The black ergonomic handle is made of walnut wood and features a diamond-shaped mother of pearl inlay surrounded by a gold lining. Artisans tap chisels into the copper to form the beautiful arabesque pattern

      Large 7.5 Cups

      • Capacity: 60 FL oz. (7.5 cups)
      • Weight: 1.7 lbs.
      • The diameter of opening: 3.85 in
      • The diameter of the bowl: 6 in
      • Height without lid: 5.4 in
      • Height with lid: 7.2 in
      • Length of wooden handle:3.7 in

      Small: 3.2 Cups

      • Capacity: 26 FL oz. (3.2 cups)
      • Weight: 1.1 lbs.
      • The diameter of opening: 3.1 in
      • The diameter of the bowl: 4.85 in
      • Height without lid: 4.2 in
      • Height with lid: 5.5 in
      • Length of wooden handle: 2.7 in


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