Copper Kitchen Canisters

olive wood to our copper kitchen canisters. What makes our copper so unique is that every single canister that we carry is hand hammered and hand etched. Many of our canisters have beautiful arabesque designs etched into them. This is the work of skilled artisans. So, every copper kitchen canister at BeldiNest is not only a useful kitchen tool, but it is also a wonderful piece of art for your home. These wonderful pieces of copperwork are made in the heart of the Tunisian souks, where talent and tradition flood the streets. Our copper kitchen canisters are not just a thing of beauty, but they are also a piece of historical tradition to put around your home. They can be displayed around the kitchen, on the table, or in the china cabinet! The copper kitchen canisters are perfect for storing sugar, flour, tea, spices, or even cookies and candy. With our hand etched and hand hammered designs, you are sure to get yourself a copper kitchen canister that you’ll love forever