: Ceramic Olive Jar and Olive Wood Strainer- Beige

  • Top Diameter: 4"
  • Jar Height: 7"
  • Total Height (with lid): 10"
  • Capacity: 6 cups
  • Width: 5.5"
  • Handmade Glazed Ceramic
  • 7" Olive Wood Strainer Included
  • Weight: Approx 3lbs

This beautiful olive jar is handcrafted out of ceramic. This Ceramic olive jar also comes with an olive wood strainer. This jar is the perfect way to store your olives. This olive jar is featured in beige, which matches many types of olives perfectly, and would look lovely in all types of kitchens. It features 3 loops as handles and is crafted to the traditional hourglass jar like shape. This set also features an olive wood olive strainer. With this handy tool you will be able to remove olives from the jar while easily straining the olive water. The olive strainer is completely handcrafted just like the ceramic olive jar. This is a must have collection for anyone that truly enjoys olives! 

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