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Wooden Ladles

Wooden Ladles

A wooden ladle is an essential part to any kitchen. Almost every home has at least one in their kitchen. These wooden ladles are perfect for serving any kind of liquid food. Use them as a soup ladle, punch ladle, or a serving ladle of any kind! Our wooden ladles are made of 100% olive wood. Each ladle is completely naturally made with only olive wood, and it is only treated with only olive oil. This means that our olive wood is food safe. Our wooden ladles are also heat resistant, so don’t hesitate to use them on your hot soups or as a gravy ladle. When it comes time to wash it, do not put in the dishwasher. Only hand wash with warm soapy water. If your olive wood ladles color starts to fade, you can easily restore it to its original luster just by rubbing it down with olive oil (or any vegetable oil for that matter). This will retain the luster for weeks, even months to come depending on how frequently you use it. Be sure to regularly oil your olive wood to maintain that natural olive wood shine!

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Olive Wood Pieced Ladle 16"- Handcrafted Wooden Straining Ladle

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13" Olive Wood Soup Ladle- Handcrafted Wooden Gravy Ladle

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Olive Wood Ladle, 11" Wooden Punch Ladle

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Large Olive Wood Ladle, 16" Wooden Ladle

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