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Olive Wood Spoons

Olive Wood Spoons

Here at BeldiNest, we offer a large variety of olive wood spoons. Our olive wood spoons are very versatile in their uses. We carry a selection of cooking spoons, serving spoons, and even mixing spoons.  We even offer risotto spoons. These spoons are designed to have a large hole in the center of it. This makes it easier for more thorough mixing. You would also be able to feel the consistency better. We also offer a variety of wooden spoon sets. Our olive wood spoons are made of only olive wood. They are 100% handmade and natural. They are only treated with olive oil making them food safe. They are also heat resistant, which means that you can use them as cooking spoons when making your favorite dishes. Olive wood has one of the most beautiful grains out of any wood. This makes olive wood spoons the best wood spoons for cooking. When it comes time to wash your olive wood spoons, do not place them in the dishwasher. Hand wash your olive wood spoons with warm soapy water, and hand dry. If you notice the color on your olive wood spoons fading, all you need to do is lather them with a little bit of olive oil (or any vegetable oil), and watch as instantly the color restores! Be sure to regularly oil your olive wood spoons in order to maintain their natural luster.

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Wooden Sauce Spoon Set, Sauce Spoon and Pierced Spoon - Handcrafted Olive Wood Kitchen Utensils

Wooden Sauce Spoon Set...

Olive Wood Salad Servers Utensil Set- Wooden Spoon and Fork

Olive Wood Salad Serve...

 12" Wooden Spoon and Spoon/Spork - Utensil Salad Server Set Handcrafted Olive Wood

12" Wooden Spoon...

Olive Wood Cooking Spoon, 12"  Wooden Cooking Spoon

Olive Wood Cooking Spo...

Olive Wood Serving Spoon, Wooden Serving Spoon, Large Olive Wood Serving Spoon

Olive Wood Serving Spo...

Olive Wood Sauce Spoon, Wooden 12" Olive Wood Pointed Spoon

Olive Wood Sauce Spoon...

Olive Wood Risotto Spoon, Wooden Risotto Spoon

Olive Wood Risotto Spo...

Cooking Spoon Set of 3

Cooking Spoon Set of 3...

Wooden Spoon: Slim Olive Wood Cooking Spoon

Wooden Spoon: Slim Oli...


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