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Cutting Boards

Olive Wood Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are a very versatile and handy tool that is necessary to have in any kitchen. However, when it is crafted from 100% all natural olive wood, it becomes a beautiful addition to your kitchen. Our olive wood cutting boards are made from a solid and durable piece of olive wood. From the olive tree gardens of Tunisia to your tabletop, our olive wood cutting boards are made with extreme care to ensure the highest quality. Our treatment process is 100% natural. Our olive wood cutting boards are quite versatile in their uses. Many people chose to use them as serving boards or trays. Because their olive wood grains are so complex and stunning, it makes for a wonderful serving tray. Our cutting boards range in sizes as well, so you can serve anything from small snacks to medium sized meals and or teas. The majority of people use the cutting board for what it’s for, cutting and preparing foods. Our olive wood cutting boards can be used for cutting fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and even meats. We have different types of olive wood cutting boards for different jobs. For example, we carry a specific crumb catcher board for cutting bread. This makes cutting bread a lot less messy because the board catches all of the crumbs. We also carry boards that have juice catchers so when your cutting raw meats or juicy vegetables, the juices get caught in the designated grooves and don’t spill all over your counter. Olive Wood Cutting Board Care: Make sure to thoroughly hand wash it with soap and water after each use. Also, be sure to regularly oil your board to retain the natural luster of the olive wood.

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