Set of 2 Red and Yellow Moroccan Poufs Leather Ottoman


This hand stitched red and yellow leather poufs with silk embroidery will make that additional impact. • Colors: Red pouf and Yellow pouf • Finish: Hand-stitched • Upholstery materials: leather • Upholstery color: Red and Yellow • Dimensions: 14 inches high x 20 inches in diameter

Moroccan Poufs are wonderful leather ottomans used for seating. This type of furniture can go by many names, such as hassock and tuffet. This lovely pouf ottoman has many different uses. For example it’s an excellent foot stool or foot rest and a lovely piece of furniture or decor; however it’s mainly used for seating. A Moroccan pouf makes for an excellent piece of home decor. We hand process our Moroccan pouf ottomans by the same traditions that remain unchanged for centuries and were passed down through families for generations. We use an earth-friendly process to produce these poufs this includes using natural dyes and sunlight to tan the hides. We embroider colorful hand stitched designs onto the leather pouf. We create new ideas to design new styles that bring trend to the world of home decor and design. A Moroccan Pouf can come in a large variety of colors sizes and styles from simple plain designs to intricate and embroidered designs. This particular set of 2 poufs is perfect for children rooms, nurseries, or even for party events!

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