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Honey Pot & Dippers

Honey Pot and Dippers

Honey is a sweet treat that everyone loves! But unfortunately, it’s so sticky and messy to use! If you’ve ever tried using a spoon, knife, or even the bottle it comes in to serve honey, you’ll know what im talking about. Well that’s why honey pots and dippers exist! Serving honey using our wooden honey jar with honey dipper is extremely easy. The honey just drizzles off the honey dipper with ease! Our honey jar and dipper set is not only convenient, but it is also a beautiful kitchen piece! Our honey pot and dippers are made with 100% olive wood sourced from Tunisia. The only thing that this olive wood is treated with is olive oil. Our gorgeous olive wood honey pot and dippers feature amazing dark contrasting grains. You can proudly display your olive wood honey pot and dipper at the breakfast table, at the kitchen counter. We offer a honey jar and dipper set, honey dippers, and a mini honey pot and dipper. When it comes time to clean your honey pot and dippers, do not place them in the dishwasher. Instead, hand wash with warm soapy water. If you start to notice the color of your honey pot and dippers start to fade, just grab some olive oil (or any vegetable oil) and lather the honey pot and dipper and watch the color come back before your eyes. Be sure to regularly oil all your olive wood in order to maintain its natural shine and luster.

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